TASSEL - Jobe Medium

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TASSEL - Jobe Medium
TASSEL - Jobe Medium


Product Details:

Actual Pom Tassel Pictured

These fun tassels are irresistible. The easy to loop construction offers endless styling possibilities. Add to your favorite bag, hang over a doorway or attach to any zipper. These pompoms provide steady employment to a small group of women in the rural mountains of Guatemala. Woven at home allows women to stay in their village to care for the children while receiving fair wages.


100% Cotton. Braided detail.


No two tassels are the same! DanaJo&Co prides itself on authenticity and transparency. Every DanaJo&Co product is 100% handmade and has the human touch of the weaver and maker in each stitch. This makes our products uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made accessories. No two are exactly same and imperfections are to be expected and appreciated. 

Community Impact:  

This pom is part of our Style Collection and supports female weavers that don't have access to markets! This specific collection was created so you know exactly the female weaver behind your products. Every item in this collection was crafted with traditional weavings direct from our female artisan partners [not the market]. Purchasing authentic textiles directly from weaving cooperatives allows us to have a full understanding of the entire supply chain and offer truly honest production. 

Shop knowing exactly the woman weaver behind your product!


Approx.  long  17 inch from string to end of tassel