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Actual Strap Shown: Works as a Bag or Camera Strap

Crafted in the USA by a top Leather Craftsman 

All of our embroidered straps are repurposed vintage belts (known as fajas), these one of a kind pieces feature the traditional hand embroidery from Maya weavers. Carry your camera or bag in style, and know that you are carrying on a story when you do... their story. What story will you create with this piece? 


Stripe White + Black Backing, Thick lining, Gold hardware, and keyring clip-on for camera. 

One-of-a-kind (OOAK):

No two straps will ever be the same. D A N A J O & C O  has partnered with some amazing artisans as well as Hiptipico to aid us in ethically sourcing all our textiles and any ground support needed in Guatemala while we are still here in the states. Your individual style is important to us, that is why we pride ourselves in authenticity and transparency with all our bags and straps prior to your purchase. From where it's made, to the story behind the textile used, we strive to keep it in its true original state leaving it to live on and tell a new story, your story. Due to all our textiles being ethically sourced, they will come with imperfections, and honestly that's our favorite part, and we hope that it's yours too, as those imperfections reflect life. Their life and now your life.


Size: approx 42 inches long and 3 inches wide. Some sizes vary