The Artisans

One word ... HOPE.. that's the ONE word that could sum up every aspect of this journey, of THEIR journey. First and foremost I want to give a shout out to the Hiptipico team, because without them, I would not be here typing these words for these artisans. These artisans, may not be doing what they are doing. I HOPE you can get all the feels, I HOPE  that you will choose ethically, and I HOPE that you will join alongside us on this journey, their's and mine. 


Thank You,

Dana + Joe 



ALL our Sourcing is done through the HIPTIPICO team who lives on the ground in Guatemala. Learn all about their sourcing trips here

The Panajachel Market

With Hiptipico's founder Alyssa 


The majority of all our textiles we source come from either the Pana Market or the Chichi market. Market shopping is exactly that... vintage textiles that are sold by women who have been paying either fair wages to other weavers, or collecting their own textiles to then sell. When we source these textiles, we look for vintage pieces that either aren't in production anymore, or they can't be worn again. Giving them a second life, and turing them into fashion pieces. The artisans we support at these markets, have been selling their for over 20 years. We choose ethically even down to the artisan selling the art, even if they didn't create it. Due to these pieces being previously loved and worn, they have imperfections, which we admire. They all individually tell their own story. Since this market is operated out of rural Guatemala they get textiles from a variety of villages throughout the country.

 Chichicastenango Open Air Market

Meet  Noemi Hiptipico Artisan 
When you purchase a camera or bag strap, you are more than likely snagging one from this lady! Noemi and her daughter, work the market every week. Supplying the best used Fajas (belt that is turned into a strap), in Chichicastenango.
Hiptipico artisan's we met along the way, and ones we have future dreams of working with. Keep scrolling to learn more about them, and where they are from.
Meet Maria Hiptipico Artisan 

Meet Teresa Hiptipico Artisan

Meet Rosa Hiptipico Artisan 

Rosa has a very special place in my heart! Ya'll she uses nature to color her cotton! She takes the insects off the cactus, yes I said INSECTS... mashes them, boils them, and then makes the most amazing deep sangria red color out of it! -No insect was hurt in the process... it's already dead.
Rosa has her own store, where she gives ethical tours on how the dying process works. She takes groups to her garden and then demonstrates the process that goes into making the colors, before they even color the cotton. These are her final products made from her hand dyed resources. Mind blown you guys... mind blown.
"You are your own hurdle to climb any mountain. The secret is... you just have to do it!" 

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